Gas Hob Fittings

You have purchased a brand new gas hob and you have no clue on where to begin with the fittings of the gas hob. Gas Cooker Installers are qualified experts particularly with gas hob fittings. We are aware of all the safety measurements and the importance with carrying out the gas hob fittings with precision and in good timing so that you are able to use your gas hob as soon as you want. Gas […]

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Gas Hob Fitting Regulations

If you are enquiring about gas hob fitting regulations because you have recently purchased a new gas hob and need it to be installed then you are on the right track for doing it safely, legally and properly. The fitting regulations are and should be in your manual to hire an expert who is Gas Safe registered to do the fitting of the gas hob. There are fitting regulations for a reason and you should […]

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Gas Hob Fitting

Are you in need of someone to do a gas hob fitting for you? Well to begin with you need to be aware that a certified expert with identification showing they are Gas Safe registered is hired and that only they can be the one to be the one doing the gas hob fitting job. Experts at Gas Cooker Installers can provide this proof and are skilled with fitting a gas hob. The majority of […]

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Gas Hob Connector

Our Gas Cooker Installers team are professional, experienced and are all Gas Safe registered. We know the importance of finding a reliable gas hob connector who is able to do the job right at a reasonable cost. Gas Cooker Installer offer the best deals for you and our experts are qualified in our profession as a gas hob connector. A gas hob connector must be: efficient, reliable and trust worthy. Our team of gas cooker […]

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Gas Hob Connection

Are you having trouble with your gas hob connection? Gas hob connection can be a stressful thought because you think it is simple to do yet quite expensive which may be one of the reasons why you do not want to hire an expert to carry out the gas hob connection. However we at Gas Cooker Installers must warn you that it is not simple. Though you might want to save on money; isn’t your […]

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Gas Engineers London

Gas Cooker Installers are your local gas engineers in London. We provide our services throughout London and the surrounding areas. All of our gas engineers in London are Gas Safe registered and fully qualified in working with gas appliances. We provide service to our customers for gas cooker, hob and oven connections, disconnections and servicing. When looking for a gas engineer in London it is important to ensure that you choose an engineer that is […]

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Gas Disconnection

When looking for a professional for a gas disconnection it is important that you hire a Gas Safe registered professional who is competent in gas disconnection. A Gas Safe engineer must be the only person to complete a gas disconnection in your home. Only a qualified engineer will be able to disconnect an appliance safely and correctly whilst ensuring there are no gas leaks or defects caused by the gas disconnection. You must never attempt […]

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Gas Cooker Service

Gas Cooker Installers provide a gas cooker service to the highest quality and it is what our experts specialise in. It is our priority to provide the best gas cooker service and our years of experience speaks for itself. We take our job seriously and know the importance of having a gas cooker which runs smoothly and know that it mostly depends on the gas cooker and the service of it to begin with which […]

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Gas Cooker Installation Regulations

There are gas cooker installation regulations to follow for a reason. The regulations exist for your health and safety when the installation of the gas cooker is being carried out. As the installation process is a gas cooker, the UK has strict regulations when gas is involved in an appliance installation. Gas cooker installation regulations state that you must hire a qualified expert to do the gas cooker installation because not everyone can handle the […]

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Gas Cooker Installation Kit

A gas cooker installation kit can be explained in further detail if you contact us, Gas Cooker Installers, free of charge. Our professionals are reliable, competent and efficient when it comes to the installation kit of a gas cooker. As the gas cooker installation kit involves the use of gas, you must hire a professional to handle the installation kit for the gas cooker because there is a certain skill you need to know and […]

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